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Why Choose Canon Perdido Copiers?




Canon Perdido Copiers Inc. is set apart from other copier businesses because...

We start here in Santa Barbara!
We are an Independent Dealer!


Since there is no conflict of interest with any franchise quota or restriction, we can offer showroom quality Pre-Owned, Repo, Canon equipment at incredible savings openly. You might have already experienced how the other dealers will do all they can to get you to sign your business to a 5 year lease on a new copier that costs as much as a car. We offer a superior alternative to that old paradigm at a fraction of the cost. We have the ability acquire defaulted, new office equipment. Our expert technical team assures the quality and specs for each copier. These machines then live a fresh, full life in smart Santa Barbara businesses.

Your business can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per month in lease payments 
simply by choosing us!

Being independent also gives us the freedom to also provide brand new Canon equipment often below wholesale prices. Since we are an independent dealer, we are not pressured by franchise quotas to move new equipment. Instead, we acquire new equipment from around the country from authorized dealers trying to liquidate their inventory to meet their quotas.


We provide a wider variety of leasing arrangements whether it's through established financial agencies for new equipment or Canon Perdido Copiers Inc.'s own in-house financing on repo machines. We have the freedom to be creative with our payment plans often helping local businesses completely eliminate lease payments all together.


Our expert team of award winning, factory trained technicians know how to make this all happen! Based locally, our competent, conscientious, technicians know how to keep your business running smoothly. Since we are based in S.B. we can often arrive at a moment's notice. 

Now you know the insider's secret for S.B. businesses!

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